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About Palaestra

PALAESTRA is a quarterly publication designed to be a single responsible source of valuable information for those interested in sport, physical education, and recreation involving individuals with disabilities. It is published in cooperation with the Adapted Physical Activity Council of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance; United States Paralympics, a division of the United States Olympic Committee; and the Education Committee of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International.

PALAESTRA’s mission is threefold:

  • To enlighten parents in all aspects of physical activity, thus making them the best possible advocates for their children during IEP (Individual Education Plan) discussions with the school or community recreation staff.
  • To increase the knowledge base of those professionals working with children or adults with disabilities, making them aware of the can do possibilities of their clients
  • To help adult readers learn the value physical activity holds for their increased wellness.

What does "PALAESTRA" mean?

PALAESTRA (pronounced \p∂-les’-tr∂\) is a Greek word meaning sport school or gymnasium. The publisher of PALAESTRA strives to use terminology that conforms with current accepted usage. Focus is on people, not disabilities—that is, students who are blind, athletes with spinal cord injuries, participants who are intellectually disabled. Reference is to individuals with dis- abilities, not handicaps or impairments.

Editorial Content:

Feature articles focus on the activities of various disability sports organizations (DSOs), including special events and national/international championships, photo essays, historical features, personality studies, and all aspects of human anatomy, kinesiology, psychology, and sociology that can be applied to the development of practical physical education, training and skill techniques for the recreational, as well as the competitive individual: i.e., adapted physical activities.