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Vol. 29 No. 2 : 2015

Editor's Corner

Editor's Corner

National Scene

National Scene
Fred Schack

Practical Pointer

Make the Land/Water Connection: Try an Underwater Balance Beam
Susan J. Grosse

Legislative Update

Able Act and a Legislative Agenda for the 114th Congress
Robert Arnhold

Research Application

Diving Modifications for Post-Polio Survivors: Three Case Studies
Tamar Jacob

Feature Articles

Collegiate Wheelchair Basketball Athletes' Preferences for Topics for Inclusion in a Health-Based Website
Jereme D. Wilroy, Andy Harcrow, David A. Birch
Teaching Two-Wheeled Bicycle Riding to Children with Autism at Home Using Behavior Management Strategies
Megan MacDonald, Nicole M. Cook, Dale Ulrich
Using Adventure Education to Facilitate Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Physical Education
Beth Hersman, Samuel R. Hodge
Successful Evidence-Based Practices for Autism Spectrum Disorder and their use for the Development of Motor Skills in Physical Education
Andrew Colombo-Dougovito
Do Coaches need Knowledge of Impairment to Coach Athletes with Disabilities?
Peter Downs
Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Physical Education: There's an App for that!
Jennifer Krause, Andrea Taliaferro

Athlete's Kitchen

Should Athletes Avoid Junk Food?
Nancy Clark

Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces
Bridget Halpin


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